Must read PHP Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

In this article, we will be looking for the latest and trending PHP interview questions and answers for Freshers who wants to make their career as PHP Developer.

About PHP

PHP is a server side scripting language and also a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. PHP ranks among the top languages due to its ability to have a significant impact on the outcome with very little code. This level of efficiency has been required in the industry for the past few years.

Companies all over the world are now investing significant funds in hiring skilled PHP developers to fill their shoes and work effectively. These top PHP interview Questions and Answers will give you the edge you need to approach the questions at interview effectively and respond to them accordingly.

PHP Interview Questions and Answes for Freshers

1. What is the difference between static and dynamic websites.

Static WebsiteDynamic Website
The content cannot be changed after the php script is executedThe content can be changed
No way to update the content because it is predefinedThe content can update easily by manipulation and reloading

2. Is PHP a case-sensitive scripting language?

Yes and No these both will be the answer of this. Variables and their declaration in PHP are case sensitive but function names are not.

For example,

echo $code;
//this will print 1 because variable is case sensetive

function myFunc(){
   echo "Hello Wolrd";

//this will print Hello World because function name is not case sensetive

3. How many of data types are there in PHP name them?

There are 8 primary data types in PHP as follows:

  • Integer: Whole numbers without a floating point
  • Double: Floating point numbers such as 5.1515
  • Boolean: A logical value (True or False)
  • String: A sequence of characters such as, “Hello world!”
  • Array: A named and ordered collection of data
  • NULL: A special data type, supporting only the NULL data
  • Object: An instance of classes which contains data and functions
  • Resource: Special variables which holds the references to external resources

4. How to define constants in PHP?

Constants are easy to define in PHP by the use of define() function. This function is used to define and assign the values of the constants easily.

Constants, cannot be changed after their definition. And also they do not require the PHP syntax starting with the $ sign like variables.

5. What are the difference between variables and constants?

Variables values can be changedConstants values cannot be changed
The default scope is the current scopeConstants can be accessed throughout the script
The $ assignment is used for definitionConstants are defined by using the define() function
Usage of the $ sign at the start is compulsaryNo need for the $ sign for constants

6. What are the difference ‘==’ and ‘===’

In PHP ‘==’ operator, is used to compare two objects at a time. This is used to check the values of both objects.

The ‘===’ operator is used to compare the values as well as data types of both objects.

7. Explain final class and final method in PHP

The ‘final’ keyword, shows that the current method does not support overriding by other classes. This is used when there is a requirement to create an immutable class.

Also Properties cannot be declared as final. It is only methods and classes that get to be final.

8. How many types of arrays are there in PHP

There are 3 types of arrays that are used in PHP.

  • Indexed arrays: These are arrays that contain numerical data as their index. Data access and storage are linear.
  • Associative arrays: There are arrays that contain strings for indexing elements.
  • Multidimensional arrays: These are the arrays that contain more than one index and dimension, or you can say array inside array.

9. Difference between require and require_once

The inclusion and evaluation of filesIncludes files if they are not included before
Preferred for files with fewer functionsPreferred when there are a lot of functions

10. What is the use of constructors and destructors in PHP?

Constructors are used in PHP as they allow you to pass parameters while creating a new object easily. This is used to initialize the variables for the particular object in consideration.

Destructors are methods used to destroy an object.

Both of these functions are special methods provided in PHP for you to perform complex procedures using a single step.


So, these are some really really important php questions and answers for freshers so just prepare these questions and mix them with some examples and you will pass your interview with shining colors.

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